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Peninsula Logo 

Working with a new fire safety consultancy, Cushty developed this brand to show experience and regulative power, combined with modernity, stability and professionalism.

Hewlett Packard revamp to be rolled out across all communications. This was designed around the idea of an intuitive thought processes and to refect the interactive nature of the new technology.

Aero typographic brand refinement 

Working for a well known global packaging company, Cushty helped redesign the whole Aero brand for Nestlé. New backgrounds, colours
and a simpler, smoother look to attract customers in a notoriously competitive market.

And finally, back in the day and really from the design archive in 1999 - Cushty was lucky enough to get involved with the design and
artwork concepts for Jordan racing, simple, dynamic design as unusual now as back then - For Saatchi Group Plc

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