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One of a series of store backgrounds developed for a  high street accessory chain Accessorize.

Over the years Cushty has worked freelance and full-time with some of the biggest design agencies and has a proven track record of exceptional creativity. Cushty is now applying that experience to help independent people with vision become successful. Cushty has remained relevant and unique because of the belief that If everyone is thinking alike then no one is thinking – It separates Cushty from the pack.

Beijing Olympics Coca Cola designs and artwork for Anthem Worldwide Packaging Design 2009. 

Mountain Tracks adventure

New logo design and full rebrand of this startup company - rather than showing the typical mountain shots with smiling people this approach looks more at how it would feel to climb
a rugged mountain and evoke a sense of achievement this was continued throughout the
brands visuals.

Above - Gallions Housing brochure design, with illustration and text and photography.

Britannia Oil

A small oil importing company with big ambitions. The logo and brand was developed to show that they were a company with a solid foundation and globally connected structure.

The Poetry Society 

One of a series of posters for the 100th anniversary of The Poetry Society.

Fashion Fusion artwork for University of the Creative Arts 2017 MA Fashion Design end of year show.

Bonjela Concepts

Concept work rough visuals for Bonjela - a modern approach to a traditional brand.

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